Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover? Oh, Yes You Can!

My Ex-Best Friend's WeddingI get that this is a reminder not to make snap decisions about others solely on their appearance. I’m on board with that.

But when it comes to books, readers (myself included) do it all the time.

As an author I’ve learned that it doesn’t actually matter how great a book is if readers aren’t tempted to pick it up in the first place. This is why authors have been known to plead to the ‘cover gods’ for a truly great one.

When I first saw the cover for My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding I knew my pleas had been answered. It’s a perfect fit for this special story that was inspired by a wedding gown that’s been in my family for generations and by a friendship that was lost.

That’s why I’m beyond thrilled to get to share that cover with you now!

I hope you’re just as dazzled by the cover as I am and pre-order the novel now, so you can be among the very first to read it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the cover and the novel!

My Ex- Best Friend’s Wedding will be released on May 14, 2019. Pre-Order Now >