THE DRESS that started it all!

This is ‘THE DRESS’ that was worn by my aunt, her cousins, and generations of my family’s brides. That I ‘loaned’ to a character. That led to the book that is now officially on sale!

Like all of my novels, My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding deals with serious subjects, wrapped in humor. It revolves around Lauren and Brianna who first meet in kindergarten and discover they were born on the same day, which in their minds, makes them sisters. Voracious readers, they share a dream of becoming famous authors; a dream only one of them attains.

This story of family, friendship, and forgiveness also belongs to Kendra, a woman with way too many secrets, who mothers them both. It’s also an inside look at what it is to be a traditionally published author today. (A profession that is not quite as glamorous as one might expect.)

I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding.