Summer has hit Atlanta with a vengeance and as happy as I am about all the activities and socializing that come with the season, I have to say that I’m just as excited about the release of The House on Mermaid Point. I had such a good time reuniting (and reuniting with) Madeline, Avery and Nicole that I can’t wait to hear what others think of their latest adventure.

This time the women of Ten Beach Road  head to the Florida Keys with the rest of the Do Over cast and crew. Their latest challenge comes as a big surprise—they’re expected to turn the private island of aging, down-on-his-luck rock legend William Hightower into a Bed and Breakfast against his will. And believe me this superstar really, really doesn’t want all these people on his Islamorada sanctuary.

I so enjoyed walking down my own musical memory lane as I researched the book, that I surprised myself. I kept having the urge to put words to Hightower’s famous fictional song, Mermaid in You and, after the book was finished, I actually did it! Now, “William the Wild’s” seminal hit, co-written with and performed by Ian and Evan Koteles of 10th Concession, is not only real but available as a free MP3 download. I hope you’ll give it a listen and also take a moment to enjoy the performance video of this song inspired by The House on Mermaid Point.

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RESEARCH & SERENDIPITY: The unusual and the lovely—PLUS a new contest

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RESEARCH & SERENDIPITY: The unusual and the lovely—PLUS a new contest

     It’s time for another contest!  This winner will receive a CD of Mermaid in You and one of the cool mermaid bracelets I  fell in love with as I poked around at Bamboozle, one of my favorite beach shops on Pass-a-Grille. Like the ladies of Ten Beach Road, each is unique, colorful and is itself a sort of Do Over as it’s made using the letters from recycled license plates. They’re just one of the interesting and unusual discoveries I made while researching THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT. I hope you’ll enter for a chance to win it.     ...

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